All of our classes are 50-60 minutes including a warm up & cool down and good for all fitness levels. Your fitness package is good for all classes and it is recommended to sign up ahead of time.

TRX MBODY Program - Using science-based principles of suspension training, both on and off the straps, this dynamic, scalable group training experience is for EVERY body! Whether you’re striving for more confidence, better performance, or just moving your body better than you did yesterday, TRX MBODY will meet you where you are. This program comprises 3 specific programs, each designed to meet your goals.

TRX MPROVE provides an entry level experience with movement oriented training.

TRX MPULSE provides a cardio oriented workout focused on weight loss, while still providing the benefits of a movement oriented workout integrated with functional training methods.

TRX MPACT provides a strength focused, movement oriented workout, designed to increase power and performance.

SPINNING - In 1991, ultra-distance cyclist Johnny “Johnny G” Goldberg introduced the world to indoor cycling by combining an unparalleled cycling experience with cutting edge stationary bike technology. In this class, you will find housewives, athletes and grandparents all getting want they want out of the ride - fun, tuning in, zoning out, losing weight, improving health, training to race or just enjoying the camaraderie of a group ride. Join us for this challenging & fun workout and see why it’s so popular in over 80 countries!

STRETCH & TONE - is ideal for anyone looking to balance out their workouts with a low impact but challenging class. This class incorporates a series of lengthening movements and stretches inspired by Yoga and Pilates. Stretch & Tone teaches proper form for exercises and stretches to promote long lean muscles.